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The NORMACLAMP® Strip steel (德國喉碼帶)

The NORMACLAMP® Strip steel (德國喉碼帶)

The NORMACLAMP® Strip steel (意大利喉码带)


  • Automatic locking
  • Smooth and continuous inner band
  • Dispenser for 9 mm band width
  • 30 m. band: width 9 mm. thickness 0,6 mm, stainless steel AISI 430.
  • The NORMACLAMP® Strip steel is a perfect solution for creating clamps with different diameters depending on a user’s needs. 



  • 意大利喉码带极具灵活性, 带长30米,
  • 独立包装于强力ABS塑胶盒内.
  • 为紧固工序提供更多元化之方法.喉码扣由坚固外层构成, 配螺栓.. 

  9 mm寛. 厚度 0,6 mm, AISI 430不锈钢, 总長30米


  • To be used with Uniblok Locking Device (须与喉码扣一并使用)

    Uniblok locking device:
     Upper and lower housing: low carbon steel nickel plated. 
     Locking mechanism: stainless steel AISI 430.
     Screw: size 7 mm., cross slotted-hexagon head, galvanized steel, passivation free of Exavalent Chromium (Cr6+) (180/200 hours resistance against saline mists).
     Packaging: 25pcs in 1 box.

    上层及下层结构: .低碳钢, 表层镀镍
    紧固装置:  AISI 430不锈钢.
    螺栓: 长度 7 mm., 电镀处理, 通过盐分雾气测试.

    包装: 一包25个

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