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Welcome to Law Wong Kee Hardware! 
Founded in the 1950s, Law Wong Kee has been the largest leading industrial hose and hose accessories supplier in Hong Kong. We provide a full menu of hose products and accessories, including rubber and PVC hose and tubing, clamps, couplings and hose fittings. 

As an official distributor of many well known international hose brands, Law Wong Kee Hardware aims to provide quality products, with the highest level of service, at competitive prices. 

我們公司自1950 年代已專營喉管業務。羅旺記的喉類產品種類繁多, 由橡膠喉, PVC喉及風喉到喉碼及急輪及其他喉類配件應有盡有。羅旺記五金既擁有價格優勢亦十分注重優質客戶服務。

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you within 2 working days. 感謝你的查詢。 我們會在兩個工作天內回覆你。

Sunny Japan - Layflat Hose
SEL - Sandblast Hose
Togawa - Mega Sun Braid Hose (日本制網喉)
Togawa - PVC Braided Hose
Togawa - Steel Wire Hose (日本制鋼線喉)
SEL (Turkey) - PVC Hose (土耳其風喉)
Takato 高滕- Yellow PVC Air Hose (黃風喉)
Sunnyhose - PVC layflat hose
Takato 高滕 - PVC Braided Hose
Spiral Duct Hose (平骨喉)
SEL - Radiator Hose
NCR - Heavy Duty Air Hose AD300
NCR - Oil Delivery Hose OD150
Band-it 201 Stainless Steel Band
Norma - Strip Steel
SL - Blue Hose Clamp
Omega Clamps 奧咪架碼
Heavy Duty Hose Clamp 強力喉碼
Claw Coupling 爪型急輪
Aluminium Camlock Coupling
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