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About Us

Founded in 1950s, Law Wong Kee has a long history of being the leading industrial hose specialist in Hong Kong. We supply a large range of hoses which covers many areas of industry.

Some of the industrial hoses that we supply include PVC Layflat Hoses, PVC Braided Hoses, Air Hoses, Duct Hoses,  Oil Delivery & Suction Hose and Sandblast Hoses etc. Being the distributor of numerous well known international hose brands, we trust that we can fulfil customer needs at affordable prices.  

In addition, Law Wong Kee has been the pioneer of being the general supplier for many major construction sites for many years such as all MTR & Tunnel projects. Just to name a few: 

1972 - Cross Harbour Tunnel (海底隧道)

1978 - High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫)

1978 - Lion Rock Tunnel (獅子山隧道)

1989 - Eastern Harbour Crossing (東區海底隧道)

1993 - Western Harbour Crossing (西區海底隧道)

1997 - Cheung Ching Tunnel (長青隧道)

2005 - Tsing Sha Highway (青沙公路)

2017 - MTR Shatin to Central Link (沙田至中環線)

2018 - Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge (港珠澳大橋)

We trust that our extensive range of products on our website matches our customers’ needs, however if there is a specific requirement not listed, please feel free to contact by phone or email. 

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